Know amenities in life style apartments

Lifestyle Apartments Amenities


A slice of life, anyone? Or maybe an itsy bitsy piece of heaven; will that do? That’s the promise of a fine luxurious apartment and that’s what they are supposed to do, i.e. give you a home that spells L.U.X.U.R.Y and C.O.M.F.O.R.T, nothing more, nothing less.

Its common knowledge that the rich and famous like their possessions to be unique, exclusive, top of the line and perhaps one up on their next door neighbour. Wealthy people don’t mind paying a premium for something which is perceived as elite; so long as every convenience is taken care of.

The luxurious apartment market is a tough one with an aggressive contest among builders and real estate developers with each one vying for a bigger chunk of the ‘luxurious apartment’ pie. Things however can only get better for the end customer.

What sets apart a luxury apartment versus an ordinary plain-vanilla, cookie-cut house are the fine aesthetic sensibilities and the use of exemplary design that is harmoniously put together to create an extravagant urban palace. So what should one expect in a luxurious apartment? Don’t be fooled by gimmickry or false promises; here’s what you need to know about amenities in life style apartments.

Typically, you should keep an eye out for-

  1. Digital Features that use avant-garde automation
  2. A world renowned architect, perhaps an international one, who has experience in designing masterpieces world over.
  3. Some sort of novelty or newness that sets apart this project from the rest.
  4. Adherence to international standards of construction.
  5. Time-honoured construction methodologies that still hold good in today’s world.

What to expect in the house:

A luxurious home should have scope for entertaining, lots of it. Aside from space there must be state-of-the-art provisions for privacy and security. Expect features such as a private landscaped garden or an indoor pool.

The interiors layout can often be customised with mood lighting, motion detector lighting systems throughout the house, choices of wooden flooring and tiling options with marble and/ or vitrified antiskid tiles or a glass enclosure in the shower area with imported branded bathroom fittings.

The kitchen will probably come equipped with a branded modular set up including a hob, chimney, washing machine, dish washer, dryer and a microwave among other white goods. Besides, there will probably be a servant room adjoining the kitchen replete with a separate washroom area.

Nowadays, luxurious homes come with eco-friendly features such as solar panels or small windmills. Newer technologies utilise the heat emitted from air-conditioning systems to heat up water for use in bathrooms.

Digital Features

  • Luxury homes will characteristically have iPad/ smartphone enabled features such as wireless door locks with no requirement for physical keys or programmable zones with auto sensors for adjusting light, temperature and entertainment settings.
  • Sensors placed through the house with auto alerts in case of a gas leak or a fire hazard.
  • Home automation systems that include video cameras that help with surveillance and for controlling every gadget in the house, besides keeping a constant vigil on
  • Video door phone
  • Touch screen / remote controlled Panel
  • Panic switch
  • Smart cards for locks

What to expect in the common areas:

The sky is the limit and truly, many builders today are going out of their way to provide features and amenities that can make a person feel like a celebrity, every single day. You can assume that some or perhaps all of the below mentioned features would be present in an uber luxurious project-

  • An air conditioned lounge area with Wi-Fi internet connection and entertainment zones for kids and perhaps a pool table or a Lazy boy chair.
  • An Olympic sized swimming pool or an infinity pool.
  • An air conditioned gym with imported equipment.
  • A dedicated yoga/aerobic room.
  • Steam/ Sauna/ Massage Room with wet and dry areas.
  • Spa and a Jacuzzi
  • Concierge Services
  • An outstanding signature feature that distinguishes the project from others. It could be a celebrity interior decorator designing the homes or a patio on the 28th
  • A discotheque/ Café/ Bar and restaurant/ Mall or a Shopping centre.